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B&B for D.O.G.

Doggie Day Care & Boarding near DIA (Denver International Airport)

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Postcards from the B&B for D.O.G.—A Bed & Breakfast for Dogs-on-the-Go!
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Postcard from the B&B for D.O.G.

Dear Mom & Dad–

I’m having the best time at the B&B for D.O.G. My suite is so comfy and I have a blast playing in the yard. I’ve made so many new friends. I certainly miss you, but I’m truly enjoying my stay. I know you love how close the B&B for D.O.G. is to DIA, the late pick up time, affordable rates, and seeing me groomed when you come home. I hope you’ll have a reason to bring me back soon!     Love,    Paw Print Signature

Mom & Dad
123 Main Street
Denver, CO 80221

Rotating B&B Postcards

About Us

A family owned business, B&B for D.O.G. was the first combination day care & boarding facility for dogs in the State of Colorado. Established in 1995, B&B for D.O.G. has set the bar for doggie day care and boarding services in the Denver metro area. We welcome both large and small breeds and are proud to be offering over a decade of success, experience, and outstanding pet care services. We cater to busy lifestyles, including the airport traveler, by being open 365 days a year with pick up every night until 9pm (including holidays) and conveniently located on the way to Denver International Airport (DIA).

Quality Care

Our goal is to minimize your dog’s stress of being away from home and provide them with superior care. While offering a fun, safe and upscale experience, we pride ourselves on the cleanliness of our facility. Several times a day, while our guests are enjoying outdoor activities, our experienced staff is busy cleaning and disinfecting their suites, making their beds, refreshing water bowls, and placing treats to greet the dogs upon their return. The individual attention, care and love we give to our visitors helps provide the most positive experience your pet can have away from home. Outstanding customer service and a high standard of care continues to bring loyal and longtime customers through our doors and has helped in winning awards such as Critics Choice – Best Pet Service.

10 South Potomac | Aurora, CO 80012 | Main Phone: 303-361-0061 | Fax: 303-361-0114